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100% Green


Making Change with Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture makes a difference. When Café Ético coffee partners in Nicaragua obtained land in the 1980's, it was eroded, chemically exhausted land that had been used up through intensive mono-cropping style agriculture. 

Instead of continuing with unsustainable farming techniques, these small-scale farmers learned how to create organic, bio-diverse farms, where coffee grows amidst a variety of local food crops. Thanks to the expertise of these farmers, this once-almost-sterile land has been completely rehabilitated. Your Nicaraguan coffee now comes from rich, lush, green farms that look more like rainforests than coffee farms. 

Shade-grown and Bird Friendly

Coffee tastes better when it's grown in the shade. However, over the past 30 years, conventional coffee growers have increasingly shifted to sun-grown crops. 

Coffee is easier to harvest when planted in neat, open rows, and beans ripen more quickly in the full sun, shortening the growing cycle for increased efficiency. In the case of coffee though, an increase in efficiency means a decrease in quality, and more importantly, sustainability. Sun-grown coffee requires intensive applications of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and requires a total clear-cut of all other vegetation to make room for one single type of crop. 

Ideally, coffee should grow under a canopy of shade-providing trees with sunlight filtering through to the coffee trees, allowing beans to mature slowly. This process makes a denser, more flavour-rich bean. More importantly, it is a sustainable farming method that respects the land and the creatures that live on it. Shade-grown, bio-diverse coffee farms create a rich habitat for songbirds and other animals, and the diversity of trees and plants prevents soil erosion.

When you buy shade organic, shade-grown, bird friendly coffee, you enjoy a better-tasting coffee that's better for the planet, farmers, and you.